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Have you looked recently at QuickBooks Online?

Renee Daggett - Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I admit it; I am not a person to embrace change.  My comfort zone is comfortable.  Years ago QuickBooks Online was just difficult.  You could not work as quickly, things were hard to find, it was not forgiving, and it just made me frustrated and inefficient!  And then there was the monthly fee I could not wrap my head around. 


But…have you looked recently at QBO?  The answer, in a nutshell, is that everything is better in QBO!  I am actually highly recommending it and doing my best to persuade some desktop users to migrate their file online! 


These are the 15 Things I Love about QuickBooks Online:

  1. Allows you to work from any type of device (PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet) at any time
  1. Automatically downloads checking and credit card transactions
  1. Automatically schedules and sends invoices
  2. Cloud hosting included for free
  3. Allows up to 5 users to access the same file
  4. Automatically updates, so you’re always working on the most current version of the program
  5. Automatically back-up your file, so you’ll never lose data
  6. Instantly provide your accountant with access to your file
  7. Work efficiently with multiple screens open
  8. Delete accounts you are no longer using, but see them again easily by clicking the “inactive” box
  9. Faster, easier workflow.  Menus are reduced so there is less navigating thru pull down tabs
  10. If you have scrolled down a customer/vendor list and go to another page, it remembers where you were when you come back
  11. You can upload copies of receipts and attach them to the transaction for paperless proof of deduction

14.  You can bookmark specific pages in your browser to reduce the amount of clicks.

15.  Your banking page shows the matching transactions boldly with a green icon, which is less confusing

QBO Opportunity: Do you need to set up your books to record your income and expenses?  Consider using QBO.  Have you ever thought of switching to QuickBooks Online?  If so, we can help migrate your QB desktop file to the cloud. 

Remember I mentioned above that I was grumpy about the monthly fee?  Well, after using QBO for two years with our clients, I have seen the efficiency far outweigh the cost.  What I save in time, I now have no problem with the fee!

Currently Intuit charges $28 per month for a 6 month trial and increases the subscription to $40 per month after.  AdminBooks clients receive a benefit of getting the QBO subscription at a wholesale cost of $30 per month for the Plus version.  Contact us to find out more!

Does any of this pique your interest?  If so, shoot us an email at support@adminbooks.com or call us at 408-782-9640 if want to see if QBO is right for you! 



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