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Federal Tax Newsletter Content

  • $297.00

Federal Tax Newsletter Content

Not great with the marketing side of your business?  No worries…we’ve got what you need to stay in touch with your clients, increase client retention, and upsell services.

Just copy and paste the content from the 65-page Word document provided, add your logo and contact information and send to your clients and prospects.   Each 500-1000 word article contains tax situations that are written in plain English.  We recommend sending 1 article every two weeks to stay top of mind!

These articles are based on IRS rules in the United States.   Cost per article is $11.43 or $9.50 each if you have a coupon code.

Click Here for an example

Here are the topics that are included:

  • 1099s – The Ins and Outs
  • Auto Rules You Need To Know
  • Business Expenses: Get Every Deduction Allowed
  • Business Gifts: Tricky Deductions
  • Business Travel: What Can I Deduct?
  • Charitable Contributions Rules
  • Converting Your Home to a Rental
  • Earned Income Credit: Know the Rules for Free Money
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor
  • Entertainment Expenses: Half the Fun?
  • Estimated Tax Payments: Do They Apply to You?
  • Failure To File: Are You Headed into Trouble?
  • Gift Taxes: Do They Affect You?
  • Health Savings Accounts: A Tax Savings
  • High Income Wages & Their Limitations
  • Hobby Losses: How Does the IRS See Your Business?
  • Home Office Deduction: Do You Qualify?
  • Home Ownership: The Tax Benefits
  • Household Employee Rules
  • Income Shifting: Reduce Taxes
  • IRS Audits: What Do You Do?
  • Record Retention: What to Keep & When to Shred
  • Saving for Retirement: So Many Choices
  • Separation and Divorce: Breaking Up Challenges
  • Social Security Benefits: Is It Taxable?
  • Stock Compensation Plans: Everything You Need To Know

Federal Tax Newsletter Content




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