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Tax Package Options…Freedom to Choose!

Think back to the last time you ate at a fast food restaurant and the different ways you could order your meal—did you order a combo meal (burger, fries and a drink) or choose to pick your items a la carte? While it might seem like an odd analogy when we’re talking about taxes, the concept is the same—packages provide flexibility and cost savings to choose exactly what you need!


We offer three different levels of support: Essential, Full, and Premium. But how do you know which one fits your needs best?


  • Do you have a straightforward tax return that doesn’t change much from year to year? Are you budget conscious? Do you tend to not ask tax questions during the year? If so, our Essentials package might be a great fit for you. We prepare your return, send you a copy to review and sign, then e-file your return and upload a final copy to your client portal. Pricing for this package is based upon the forms and schedules you are required to file on your tax return.
  • Do you want to meet with the tax preparer to have a meeting to review your completed tax return? Maybe you are left to wonder what the new tax law changes will mean for you or perhaps you’ve received a letter from the IRS and are worried about what to do. We’ve got you covered with that! Our most popular offering is the Full package, which bundles many of our services at a discount and includes a tax strategy meeting, a “real-time” projection so there are no surprises in the NEW TAX LAW CHANGES, and review of tax letters received during the year.
  • Maybe you have a more complex financial situation or significant changes from the prior year. Why not get the support you need throughout the year by bundling the services we offer in this package to save you money? Our Premium package offers a tax strategy meeting, unlimited email support through the year, review of tax letters, a written tax projection, and three check-in consultations during the year to make certain you are on track!

While packages are great, maybe you don’t want to be locked into a specific one. That’s fine too, because we want to give you the freedom to customize your experience with AdminBooks! We offer all our services a la carte as well, so you will always have the ability to add a service at any time to best fit your needs!



Here are what clients are saying about AdminBooks’ Tax Packages:


“Quarterly meetings are crucial in learning about our business growth and working ahead avoiding surprises with taxes.  We are grateful for the guidance that Renee and her team give us and the sense of security we feel that they're always there when we need them.” Margaret


“I am very happy with the AdminBooks tax package!  It gives me the opportunity to get a competent tax advice by email if I have some questions during the year.”  Vadim


“Working with AdminBooks throughout the year on my tax planning has been very helpful.  The check-in meetings gave me the confidence to know the tax impact of purchasing a second property.  The modeling also ensured my tax withholdings were correct resulting in no surprises at tax time and easier prep work at tax filing.  I highly recommend using the tax package offering.”  Amy


“The best part of the projection meeting was hearing the ideas you shared with me on the call.  My expectations were exceeded!”   Gordon


“I found the real-time projection extremely helpful to my situation.  It was a great collaboration process with AdminBooks.  I cannot think of anything that could have made my experience better!”   Michael

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